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The Australian Centre for Robotics is one of the world’s largest robotics research institutes. We have over 120 researchers, grad students, and engineers, and over 1500 square metres of laboratory space.

Our vision is to be the pre-eminent multidisciplinary research and technology development institute in robotics and intelligent systems.

We will achieve this vision by:

  • developing the fundamental science of robotics and intelligent systems in areas such as perception, learning, control, and coordination;
  • fostering multidisciplinary research partnerships to understand the social, ethical, legal and public policy dimensions of robotics and intelligent systems;
  • building partnerships with the sciences, medicine and other disciplines within the University to expand the impact of robotics and intelligent systems beyond their traditional domains;
  • through our Australian Centre for Robotics, working closely with industry and government partners to maximise the economic and societal benefit obtained from the uptake of robotics innovations.

This website complements the official websites above, hosting research news, project information, software, and data sets produced by ACFR.

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