SIRIS PhD Course 2020

Note this is for the 2020 edition of the Foundations of Robotics Research.

Course Outline

The goal of the course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to basic knowledge and tools in the broad areas of robotics, and how these tools are pooled together to deliver robotic solutions to crucial real-world problems. The course will also provide an overview of the fundamental challenges and opportunities at the frontiers of robotic research.

Imagine building a robot which has to navigate to some place and solve a problem for us. To complete this task, this robot needs to be able to

  • Sense and See surroundings and environments
  • Localize and Understand its position and status
  • Plan and Control its motion and decisions
  • Actuate and Intervene to complete the task.

As roboticists, we also need the operation of the robot to be safe and ethical especially when humans are involved; we need suitable software and materials/architecture that enable the design and deployment; we need the robot to have the ability to learn from experiences and data.

Our course will take on all these fundamental aspects for robotic research.


Timeline: 9 June 2020 – 10 July 2020, a span of 5 weeks.

Venue: Live on Zoom. Stay tuned for the link.

Two lectures per week: Tuesday 2pm-4pm, and Friday 10am-12pm.

Tentative Lecture Plan

109-06-2020Tuesday14:00-16:00Ian ManchesterThe Field of Robotics: Overview
211-06-2020Thursday9:00-11:00Mitch BrysonRobotic Vision
316-06-2020Tuesday14:00-16:00Donald DansereauRobotic Imaging
419-06-2020Friday10:00-12:00Viorela IlaLocalization and Mapping
523-06-2020Tuesday14:00-16:00Guodong ShiRobotic Dynamics and Control
626-06-2020Friday10:00-12:00Tejaswi DigumartiMachine Learning for Robotics
730-06-2020Tuesday14:00-16:00Stewart WorrallSoftware Design for Autonomous Systems
803-07-2020Friday10:00-12:00Yi SunSoft Robotics
907-07-2020Tuesday14:00-16:00Naoko AbeRobotics and Society
1010-07-2020Friday10:00-12:00Stefan WilliamsRobotic Solutions for Marine Applications


Naoko Abe, Tejaswi Digumarti, Guodong Shi, Yi Sun


Australian Centre for Robotics