ACFR Papers at CDC 2021

Check out our latest work! ACFR researchers will be presenting the following papers at the upcoming IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2021), to be held online Dec 13 – 17:

An almost globally convergent observer for visual SLAM without persistent excitation

Bowen Yi, Chi Jin, Lei Wang, Guodong Shi, Ian R. Manchester


Recurrent Equilibrium Networks: Unconstrained Learning of Stable and Robust Dynamical Models

Max Revay, Ruigang Wang, Ian R. Manchester


On the Equivalence of Contraction and Koopman Approaches for Nonlinear Stability and Control

Bowen Yi, Ian R. Manchester


Contraction-Based Methods for Stable Identification and Robust Machine Learning: a Tutorial

Ian R. Manchester, Max Revay, Ruigang Wang


Social Shaping of Competitive Equilibriums for Resilient Multi-Agent Systems

Yijun Chen, Razibul Islam, Elizabeth Ratnam, Ian R. Petersen, Guodong Shi


Graphical Characterizations for Structural Controllability of Drifted Bilinear Systems

Xing Wang, Bo Li, Jr-Shin Li, Ian R. Petersen, Guodong Shi


Achieving Consensus in Spite of Stubbornness: Time-Varying Concatenated Friedkin-Johnsen Models

Lingfei Wang, Camela Bernardo, Yiguang Hong, Francesco Vasca, Guodong Shi, Claudio Altafini


Australian Centre for Robotics