Jobs: Fully Funded PhD Position in Light Field Imaging for Autonomous and Assisted Driving

SIRIS/ACFR’s Robotic Imaging Lab has a fully funded PhD position open in underwater robotic imaging, in partnership with Ford. Applications due Jun 19, 2022, details at the link below.

Challenges arise in devising long-range and wide-field-of-view 3D sensing solutions that offer low latency and operate under a wide variety of illumination and weather conditions.

The project’s aims include:

  • Designing and evaluating LF camera architectures suited to the challenges of autonomous and assisted driving,
  • Developing computationally efficient 3D vision pipelines that exploit the rich information that LF cameras capture to deliver next-generation robustness and performance, and
  • Running lab and field trials to rigorously evaluate novel sensing technologies for autonomous and assisted driving.
  • Depending on interest and ability, there is an opportunity to explore novel optics for light field capture and/or digital architectures for low-power low-latency light field vision.

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