Seminar: A/Prof Craig Jin, 2nd Oct, 1p

When: Fri 2nd of Oct, 1p AEST

Where: This seminar will be presented online, RSVP here.

Speaker: A/Prof Craig Jin

Title: Machine hearing tutorial from a microphone array viewpoint

Abstract: This talk provides a tutorial overview for supporting machine hearing with microphone arrays and is targeted for those interested in adding microphone array processing to their robotic applications. Depending on time, we will review recent advances in baffled microphone arrays, direct/ambient sound separation, source localization using sparse recovery, ray space analysis and the advantages for distributed microphone arrays,  deep network architectures for sound event detection and localization.

Bio: Craig is the director of the Computing and Audio Research Laboratory within the School of EIE. His lab developed a spatial hearing algorithm for hearing aids that is now deployed in the Starkey hearing aids under the feature name – Acuity Immersion. His lab contributed to the development of the MPEG Binaural Surround Sound standard. His lab was the first to develop a dual-concentric spherical microphone array and also led the development of sparse recovery techniques for sound source localization. He actively participates in the IEEE technical committee for Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing; was the organiser for the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2017 for undergraduate students and was the past technical chair for IEEE WASPAA 2019.


Australian Centre for Robotics