Seminar: Actuation Challenges of Acrobatic Legged Robots, 15th June, 1pm

When: Thursday 15th of June, 1pm AEST

Where: This seminar will be partially presented at the Rose Street Seminar area (J04) and partially online via Zoom. RSVP

Speaker: Pedram Ahmadiyan

Title: Actuation Challenges of Acrobatic Legged Robots


For legged robots to become highly effective in search and rescue missions, they need to be able to traverse highly discontinuous terrains for long periods of time, pass through narrow gaps, manipulate their environment, and in certain cases perform highly dynamic tasks such as jumping over gaps or obstacles. Meeting these requirements calls for a new generation of actuation systems, capable of combining the efficiency and safety of electrical actuation with the power density, impact tolerance, and versatility of hydraulics. This talk will explore the fundamental challenges of actuation for large-scale acrobatic legged robots and present a proposed actuation architecture that combines hydrostatic transmission with quasi-direct drive electrical actuators.  


Pedram is a PhD candidate at ACFR, focusing on the design of new actuation systems for large-scale acrobatic legged robots, under the supervision of Prof. Ian Manchester and Assoc. Prof. Navinda Kottege. He received his Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering from Monash University in 2022. His honours thesis project was on the design and control of a dynamic robotic leg. During his undergrad years, he was also the team lead of the robotic arm team at Monash Nova Rover, leading the design and fabrication of a fully-custom 6-DOF robotic arm for an analogue/competition mars rover.


Australian Centre for Robotics