Seminar: Andrew Hill, Oct 2nd 2019

When: Weds, Oct 2nd 2019, 4p

Where: Rose St Building Seminar Area

Title: Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation

Abstract: The Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation (RTCMA) is an industry funded centre focussed on applying state of the art techniques in data fusion, machine learning, automation, perception and optimisation to real world mining problems in order to improve Rio Tinto’s commercial operations. This talk will provide an overview of the centre’s current activities and research highlights since its inception in 2007, across projects including picture compilation for mining systems, automation of production drilling and light vehicles, orebody modelling and estimation, and vehicle dispatching.

Bio: Andrew Hill is the director of the Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation (RTCMA) at the Australian Centre of Field Robotics (ACFR). He received his PhD from ACFR, USyd in 2012, working on planning and multi-agent mapping for an autonomous ground vehicle (Argo) project. He was employed as a Research Fellow in RTCMA on an autonomous ground vehicle project, and from 2014 led the Asset Optimisation theme of RTCMA working on fleet dispatch algorithms. His research interests include mobile robotics and autonomous systems in outdoor environments, mapping and trajectory planning algorithms, and optimisation of scheduling and task assignment in multi-agent systems.


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