Seminar: Fredrik Westling, 9 Apr, 1pm

When: Thurs 9th of Apr, 1:00pm

Where: Seminars have moved online, RSVP here.

Speaker: Fredrik Westling

Title: Tree crop analysis using mobile LiDAR: From light to pruning

Abstract: Commercial fruit growers find it helpful to understand how their crops are growing on an orchard scale and tree scale. This enables them to make decisions regarding actions like pruning. There are a number of tools for measuring tree growth factors which involve the grower manually inspecting each tree, which is prohibitively difficult. Instead, we can use modern LiDAR technology to digitise the trees and perform detailed analyses in silico. In this talk I present my work in using point cloud scans of tree crops from mobile handheld LiDAR to analyse the light interception and tree structure characteristics. I will also discuss the possibility of using these methods to inform automatic pruning decisions, since historically these decisions are made by conventional wisdom rather than tree-specific optimisation.

Bio: Fred graduated with a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Science from UNSW in 2016 and is now a PhD student at ACFR focusing on LiDAR applications in tree crops.


Australian Centre for Robotics