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Deep Direct Visual SLAM
Daniel Cremers – TU Munich
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Towards Metric Multimotion Estimation
Jonathan Gammell – Oxford Robotics Institute

Recognition, tracking and reconstruction of multiple moving objects
Lourdes Agapito – University College London

Motion Detection and Tracking in 3D LiDAR Scans
Wolfram Burgard – University of Freiburg

Spatial AI in AR/VR
Matia Pizzoli – Facebook AR/VR

Accepted Papers

Cross-modal Transfer Learning for Segmentation of Non-Stationary Objects Using LiDAR Intensity Data
Tomasz Novak, Krzysztof Ćwian, Piotr Skrzypczyński – Poznan University of Technology, Poland
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Agent-Aware State Estimation: Effective Traffic Light Classification for Autonomous Vehicles
Shane Parr*, Ishan Khatri*, Justin Svegliato, Shlomo Zilberstein – University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
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* Equal contribution


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