Postdoctoral Researcher in Field Robotics and Animal Foraging Behaviour

We are looking to appoint a highly motivated and skilled Postdoctoral Researcher in computer science or robotics to join our interdisciplinary team working at the intersection of field robotics, machine learning, and animal foraging behaviour.

Our team comprises roboticists and nutritional biologists who are collaborating on an innovative project focused on the foraging behaviour of cattle. By leveraging our combined expertise in robotics, machine learning, behaviour and animal nutrition, we aim to develop a better understanding of how cattle navigate their environment and make decisions about foraging based on the nutritional profile of the available vegetation.

Our approach involves deploying state-of-the-art robotics technologies to track cattle movement and behaviour, collecting data on the chemical composition and quality of available vegetation, and simulating potential foraging patterns. By analysing the data using advanced machine learning algorithms, we hope to uncover new insights into the relationship between animal foraging, plant community structure and the nutritional composition of the environment, and potentially to use robotic platforms for directing better foraging behaviours of the cattle.

Ultimately, we believe that our work will lead to more effective and sustainable strategies for managing livestock nutrition, land management and improving animal health and welfare.

Applications closed 21 May 2023

Please contact Salah Sukkarieh


Australian Centre for Robotics