Seminar: Julie Stephany Berrio Perez, 21st May, 1p

When: Thurs 21st of May, 1p

Where: This seminar will be presented online, RSVP here.

Speaker: Julie Stephany Berrio Perez

Title: Long-term map maintenance pipeline for autonomous vehicles

Abstract: One of the requirements for autonomous vehicles to be able to operate persistently in typical urban environments is to maintain high accuracy position information over time, in other words, the capability of their mapping and localisation system to adapt to the changes. The classic definition of localisation based on a single-survey map is not suitable for long-term operation due to its inadequacy to detect and incorporate the variations of the ambience. In this work, we present a process to adjust a featured-based map to the actual environment, this adaptation pipeline seeks to lessen or ward off possible localisation difficulties while taking advantage of the changes of the surroundings. We incorporate different sensor modalities which provide information about the environment and the state of the moving platform.

Bio: Stephany graduated with a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering from Universidad Autonoma de Occidente (Colombia) and is now a PhD student at ACFR (ITS research group).


Australian Centre for Robotics