Seminar: Karan Narula, 16 Apr, 1pm

When: Thurs 16th of Apr, 1:00pm

Where: Seminars have moved online, RSVP here.

Speaker: Karan Narula

Title: Two-Level Hierarchical Planning in a Known Semi-Structured Environment

Abstract: The application of motion planning for autonomous vehicles has been primarily focused either in highly structured or unstructured environments. However, many environments in the real-world share the characteristics of both and can be classified as semi-structured. The adaptation of the strategies from other environments to that of semi-structured, although possible, do not produce trajectories with the required characteristics, especially when the environment is dynamic. In this talk I present a practical two-level hierarchical planning strategy consisting of a discrete lane-network-based global planner and Hybrid A* local planner that (i) generates a smooth, safe and kinematically feasible path in real-time; (ii) considers structural constraints of the environment from an a priori map. I will present preliminary results from the field test at Callan Park and future directions of the project.

Bio: Karan recently joined the ITS research group of ACFR after completing his PhD from UNSW in 2019. He is currently focussing on navigation strategies for autonomous vehicles.


Australian Centre for Robotics