Seminar: Looking under the hood of our vehicle’s navigation system and strategies, 2nd December, 1p

When: Thursday 2nd of December, 1pm AEDT

Where: This seminar will be presented online via Zoom, RSVP here.

Speaker: Dr Karan Narula

Title: Looking under the hood of our vehicle’s navigation system and strategies

Different navigation strategies are suitable for different types of environments and contexts. This talk showcases the two navigation strategies developed and explored for performing Autonomous Transit on Demand (ATOD) on the University of Sydney campus as part of the project with TfNSW. The talk will provide details of the navigation system currently in use on our electric vehicle platform from the ground up including: the architecture and components of the navigation stack, the chosen representations of the map and the perceived environment, the role of information provided by other subsystems, and the intuition behind the current strategies along with their limitations and prospect for improvement.

Karan Narula received his B.E and Ph.D. degrees in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in 2014 and 2019 respectively. He is currently a research associate with the Intelligent Transporation Systems (ITS) group at the Australian Centre of Field Robotics (ACFR) at the University of Sydney.


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